Student Internship Opportunity

January 15, 2021
Join our team, and work with our Fellow, Peter Gross, on our new project intended to help assess why the media functions as it does.

Dumitrita Holdis Rejoins CMDS

January 15, 2021
We are happy to announce that Dumitrita Holdis has rejoined the Center as Project Officer for the Journalism Breakthroughs and Media Influence Matrix projects.

European Parliament Study Cites CMDS Research

January 14, 2021
A study on disinformation in the Western Balkans, requested by the European Parliament's Committee on Foreign Affairs, cites our Business of Misinformation report.

Can Journalism Recover from Coronavirus?

The global pandemic resulted in a financial crisis, which hit an already struggling media industry. A new report, co-authored by our Advisory Board member, Anya Schiffrin, investigated initiatives aimed at helping news organizations, and found promising examples.

Trump V. Tech: What Is Censorship and Who Gets To Do It?

January 11, 2021
"Should infrastructure providers and public utilities be required to carry communications traffic regardless of content?," our Fellow, Courtney Radsch asks in her article.