Batorfy on Hungary’s Path Toward an Authoritarian Media System

CMDS Fellow Attila Bátorfy describes the transformation of the Hungarian media system by the government of Viktor Orbán and he argues that the Hungarian media system and its mixed features do not fit neatly into any existing media system theories.

Coyer on Online Violent Extremism and the Importance of Human Rights’ Frameworks

September 16, 2019
Kate Coyer, Research Affiliate with the Center for Media, Data and Society spoke at the international symposium “The intermediaries and their liability”.

Batorfy on State Advertising in Hungary

September 10, 2019
"State advertising is a powerful tool of political favoritism as well as an instrument of market distortion, censorship and building an uncritical media empire aligned with the government", CMDS Fellow Attila Bátorfy and researcher Ágnes Urbán write in their article.

UK Parliamentary Committee Cites Parmar

September 9, 2019
The UK House of Commons Foreign Affairs Committee’s report ‘“Media freedom is under attack”: the FCO’s defence of an endangered liberty’ cites and references in numerous places the submission of Sejal Parmar to the committee’s inquiry into “The Foreign and Commonwealth Office and global media freedom”.

Lying for Fun, Politics and Money in Hungary

Facebook appears to be the almost exclusive source of traffic for Hungarian misinformation websites, which fall on the spectrum from purely ideological sites to simple money-making machines. Their Facebook pages are stable, directing users to their ever-changing URLs.