Dragomir on Internet Freedom in Europe

January 22, 2021
An increasing number of governments are increasingly turning the screws on internet freedom. Funnily enough, they look at the EU for inspiration, our Director, Marius Dragomir writes in his article.

Can Journalism Recover from Coronavirus?

The global pandemic resulted in a financial crisis, which hit an already struggling media industry. A new report, co-authored by our Advisory Board member, Anya Schiffrin, investigated initiatives aimed at helping news organizations, and found promising examples.

How Data Governance Affects Media Freedom

Media organizations have to better understand data regulation. Failure to do so can badly hurt them.

Detrekői on the EU Copyright Directive

Our Fellow, Zsuzsa Detrekői analyzed how Article 17 of the EU Copyright Directive will influence the operation of video-sharing websites.

Who Funds Journalism in Italy?

Advertising is the most important source of income in the Italian news media market, where television is still the most popular platform, dominated by two historical players.