Parmar on the Assange Case and the UK's Global Defence of Media Freedom

Sejal Parmar discusses the UK’s possible extradition of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange to the United States for computer hacking and the UK Foreign Office’s new campaign on the defence of media freedom.

Media Impact Funders Releases New Report on Global Media Philanthropy

The report, with contribution of CMDS Director Marius Dragomir, highlights data, trends and pressing issues facing the field, and what funders can do moving forward.

Until They Divorced – New Book by Fardin Alikhah

March 13, 2019
The book “Until They Divorced, They Did Not Write a Book”, published in Farsi language in Tehran, was written by CMDS Fellow Fardin Alikhah.

Negotiating Internet Governance: New Book by Roxana Radu

The recently published book Negotiating Internet Governance by CMDS Fellow Roxana Radu provides an incisive analysis of the emergence and evolution of global Internet governance, revealing its mechanisms, key actors and dominant community practices.

Szakacs and Irion Contribute to EP Study on Impact of Disinformation

March 1, 2019
Two CMDS Fellows were involved in the research Disinformation and propaganda – impact on the functioning of the rule of law in the EU and its Member States, which was requested by the LIBE Committee of the European Parliament.