The Debunking Effect – Recent and Upcoming Challenges for Fact-Checking Organizations

While the impact of misinformation has been widely studied in recent years, more analysis of the effect of fact-checking on society is needed. Trying to fill that gap, our project mapped and analyzed the work of the world’s fact-checking groups, with a focus on their challenges, needs and successes.

Phil Howard Calls for a Global Panel on Fake News in a Column for the Times

January 5, 2022

In an op-ed for the Times co-authored with Sheldon Himelfarb, CMDS Fellow Phil Howard calls for an intergovernmental panel on disinformation.

Lina Dencik Co-Authors Piece on Voice Recognition Technologies in Law Enforcement

CMDS Fellow Lina Dencik and co-authors Fieke Jansen and Javiér Sánchez-Monedero examine the politics of voice recognition technologies in law enforcement in a new paper for Big Data and Society.

Anya Schiffrin on the Forthcoming EU Tech Regulation

December 15, 2021

The forthcoming European regulation on online disinformation may be a “game changer,” CMDS Advisory Board member Anya Schiffrin writes for the Columbia Journalism Review.

Benedetta Brevini on the Australian News Media Bargaining Code

December 13, 2021

Australia’s News Media Bargaining Code looks more like a missed opportunity than an appropriate tool to address the crisis of public interest journalism, CMDS Fellow Benedetta Brevini writes in her commentary for The Political Economy of Communication.