Re-watch the Webinar ‘Free vs Protected Information Online’

July 7, 2020
Did you miss our webinar ‘Free vs Protected Information Online’ with Giulia Priora, Mackenzie Nelson, Paddy Leerssen and Roxana Radu? Now you can re-watch it.

Dragomir on Media Capture and Disinformation

July 7, 2020
Media captured by governments and oligarchs are a major source of disinformation, CMDS’ Director, Marius Dragomir said in an interview with Euractiv Romania.

How Journalists in Syria Track COVID-19 in a Sea of Misinformation

Panic and misinformation make it hard for journalists to get the correct information in Syria, where the government retains a firm grip on the media. Nevertheless, some of them found methods, unused before, to keep track of the cases.

Dragomir Joins the Editorial Board of Journalism and Media

July 1, 2020
The Director of CMDS, Marius Dragomir has joined the Editorial Board of Journalism and Media, an international open access journal, published online quarterly by MDPI (Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute).

How Salud con Lupa Has Raised the Standard of Health Reporting in Latin America

Started as a Facebook group, it has grown into a digital platform covering public health issues. It is the only Spanish-language project selected by the Poynter Institute’s Checking Fact Innovation Challenge in the United States and the Facebook Journalism Project. For its founder, Fabiola Torres, to think about public health is to think about collective wellbeing. In a middle of a pandemic, that is more than a theoretical statement.