When the Medium is the Message: The Cuban “El Paquete” System

In our latest article covering innovation in journalism from around the world, Jelena Prtoric writes how one TB of films, series, magazines, newspapers and advertisement is delivered every week in Cuba to millions of people in an offline delivery system known as El Paquete Semanal.

The Sorry, Sorry State of State Media: Four Fifths of the World’s State Media Lack Editorial Independence

In a study released today, CMDS Director Marius Dragomir introduces a new tool to assess the editorial independence of the world’s state media and finds that nearly 80% of 546 state-administered media companies in 151 countries lack editorial independence.

Zsuzsa DetrekőI Warns of Problems With AVMS Directive

September 14, 2021

In a new article in Communications Law, CMDS Fellow Zsuzsa Detrekői warns of problems video sharing platforms face under the new EU Audiovisual Media Services Directive and the Copyright Directive.

Sandra Ristovska on Video Activism

As video becomes an important tool to expose injustice, CMDS Fellow Sandra Ristovska examines how human rights organizations are seeking to professionalize video activism through video production, verification standards, and training.

Fact-Checking Covid-19 Misinformation: Win Some, Lose Some

In their article, Robert Nemeth and Marius Dragomir feature three fact-checking initiatives, Journalistes Solidaires in France, Nepal Fact-Check and Panos Institute Southern Africa in Zambia that aimed to tackle the “infodemic.”