Criticize and Rule or How to Tame the Media in Georgia

April 2, 2020
By belittling the role of independent self-regulators and upbraiding the media critical of the government, Georgia’s media regulator hurts independent journalism.

Combating Misinformation During a Pandemic

April 2, 2020
Kate Coyer, Research Affiliate with the Center, gave an interview on how to combat misinformation during the COVID-19 epidemic.

Online Media in Georgia: Still Hatching

Georgia has experienced a boom in internet and mobile penetration. That's not enough for the country’s digital media to take off.

How COVID-19 Threatens Media Freedom

Access to accurate information is essential to fighting a pandemic. However, many governments hide behind the emergency to restrict media freedom.

Blaha Masters Misinformation Scene, No Conspiracy Website Can Beat Him

March 31, 2020
Slovak media outlet Denník N published an investigative article based on the report on Slovakia in our Business of Misinformation project. This English translation is published with the outlet’s permission.