Here is a selection of the most popular videos of our public talks, lectures and panel discussions from the past few years. Our Archive contains more recordings of our lectures and interviews.

What Happens When Academia and Media Work Together?

Media Influence Matrix: Slovakia

Media Freedom in Times of COVID-19

Starkman on Covid-19 and Journalism

Starkman on Luanda Leaks

Portrayal of Migration in the Media

Starkman on the China Cables

Measuring and Building Audience Trust

Workshop on misinformation and propaganda for hungarian students

Funding Journalism in the digital age

CRAIG CALHOUN ON NEw Media and New Transformations of the Public Sphere

Michael Schudson on the challenges of professional journalism

Media Capture: The Relationship Between Power, Media Freedom and Advocacy

William Uricchio on emerging trends in visual studies and digital journalism

Cory Doctorow on Internet Battles

The Troubled State of Press Freedom in Central Europe

Nick Anstead on How Social Media Analytics Can Help Us Better Understand Public Opinion

Gregory Asmolov on Social Media and Crowdsourcing in the Conflict in Ukraine

kate coyer and stefan roch on Communication Access for Refugees