Governance and Finances

Members of the CMDS Advisory Board actively serve as stewards and consultants for the Center’s projects, as well as in helping the Center secure new funding opportunities.

CMDS operates with funding from CEU, supplemented by external research funds awarded to the Center in accordance with CEU policies and procedures.

Additional external funds from project grants including private foundations, European Commission and private companies are used to cover salaries of staff and contracted researchers, project activities such as research, publications and events as well as overhead and administration.

Our annual resources come in the form of in-kind support, cost sharing arrangements, multi-year externally funded research project and direct support from CEU (see list of externally funded projects 2005-present).

To fund its growing operations, the Center is also offering consultancy services to third-party clients, including regulators and private companies.

CEU is a registered 501(c)(3) entity in the US. This allows the Center to engage with research funders that want to provide more general gifts in support of our research, without additional tax burden.