Monitoring and Killing Public Opinion Online: A Booming Industry in China

January 24, 2017

China has traditionally been a masterful manipulator of public opinion. It has finally perfected a system to weed out dissent on the internet, too. Read Anna Orosz’ article for the MediaPowerMonitor here.

Haraszti on the Rise of Populist Leaders in Washington Post

January 6, 2017

CMDS fellow Miklos Haraszti’s piece on populist leaders and alarming global trends in the rise of illiberal regimes.

Malaysiakini Under Fire

December 16, 2016

In his latest piece for the Media Power Monitor, CMDS Director Marius Dragomir writes about the current state of media in Malaysia. Dragomir writes that mainstream Malaysian media are practically captured by the government. Most of them, including newspapers such as the New Straits Times and Utusan Malaysia, have ownership links with the ruling coalition. Utusan Malaysia, in fact, is directly owned by United Malays National Organisation (UMNO), the ruling party.

Know the Power, Know the Media

November 30, 2016

Media and journalism are changing fast and so should the media research agenda.

Internet is Censored in Two-Thirds of the World, Writes Dragomir

November 18, 2016

Astonishingly, two-thirds of internet users live in countries where criticism of authorities is subject to censorship, according to Freedom of the Net 2016, a survey of internet freedom in 65 countries worldwide, run by Freedom House, a U.S. government funded NGO. CMDS's Director, Marius Dragomir recently published an article about the bleak results of the survey in Media Power Monitor.