The Debunking Effect – Recent and Upcoming Challenges for Fact-Checking Organizations

While the impact of misinformation has been widely studied in recent years, more analysis of the effect of fact-checking on society is needed. Trying to fill that gap, our project mapped and analyzed the work of the world’s fact-checking groups, with a focus on their challenges, needs and successes.

Technology in Ukraine: Playing Catch-Up

As Ukraine updates its communication policies, the country’s tech sector remains plagued by a delayed introduction of new technologies, a gaping urban-rural digital divide, skepticism towards the state and the problem of disinformation.

Media in Israel: Politics at Work

The involvement of high-placed political figures in the inner workings of the media raises fundamental questions about the legitimacy and integrity of professional journalism in Israel today, according to a new report by CMDS.

CMDS Welcomes Anti-SLAPP Research Group

June 9, 2021

We are happy to announce that the anti-SLAPP research group Silenced by Lawsuits has joined CMDS. Founded by a multicultural group of CEU Alumni, Silenced by Lawsuits conducts research into the impact of SLAPP suits.

Tech and Society in Israel: A Gaping Digital Divide

Wrong policy decisions, hyper-competition on the telecom market and a vast technological gap: this is how Israel is losing its high-tech sparkle, a newly released CMDS report found.