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How to Build an Authoritarian Internet Culture: The Pakistan Model

Technology companies were hoped and expected to liberate the world and give journalism a platform to operate freely. But in Pakistan, they have become a policing tool.

Journalism Funding in Kazakhstan: A Government Affair

With millions of dollars splurged on media every year, control of large ownership stakes in media companies and a raft of loyal media entrepreneurs, the Kazakh government leaves little space for independent reporting and business innovation.

Accountability Initiative for Reform Joins Media and Power Research Consortium

May 20, 2019
Accountability Initiative for Reform (AIR Foundation) is a Kazakhstani non-profit organization aimed at helping people to always have an access to honest information from all institutions of society, including government, business, media and non-profit sector. Media and Power Research Consortium consists of local as well as regional and international organizations through which CMDS runs the Media Influence Matrix project.

Who’s Funding Romanian Journalism?

A new generation of brash journalism outlets challenge the highly concentrated media system in Romania. But many of them remain highly vulnerable, according to Funding Journalism: Romania, the most comprehensive analysis of the country’s media in decades, released today by CMDS.

Local Media in Romania Earn Profits, But Only on Paper

April 29, 2019
The majority of local media outlets in Romania managed to earn profits in 2017, but in reality, Romanian local media experience a profound financial crisis. Most outlets survive solely thanks to local municipalities or oligarchs who fund media to prevent critical coverage, according to a new report of the Media Influence Matrix project, to be published on May 3.