How the Industry Controls Media Policy in Argentina

In Argentina, freedom of expression is officially guaranteed by the Constitution and the government has the upper hand in media regulation. Yet, it is the largest media groups in the country that exert real influence in the policy process, according to a new report published today by CMDS.

Cómo la Industria Controla la Política de Medios en Argentina

En Argentina, la libertad de expresión está oficialmente garantizada por la Constitución y el gobierno tiene la ventaja en la regulación de los medios. Sin embargo, son los grupos de medios más grandes del país los que ejercen una influencia real en el proceso político, según un nuevo informe publicado hoy por CMDS.

The Debunking Effect – Recent and Upcoming Challenges for Fact-Checking Organizations

While the impact of misinformation has been widely studied in recent years, more analysis of the effect of fact-checking on society is needed. Trying to fill that gap, our project mapped and analyzed the work of the world’s fact-checking groups, with a focus on their challenges, needs and successes.

Technology in Ukraine: Playing Catch-Up

As Ukraine updates its communication policies, the country’s tech sector remains plagued by a delayed introduction of new technologies, a gaping urban-rural digital divide, skepticism towards the state and the problem of disinformation.

Media in Israel: Politics at Work

The involvement of high-placed political figures in the inner workings of the media raises fundamental questions about the legitimacy and integrity of professional journalism in Israel today, according to a new report by CMDS.