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How COVID-19 Threatens Media Freedom

Access to accurate information is essential to fighting a pandemic. However, many governments hide behind the emergency to restrict media freedom.

Holdis on the Media Situation in Romania

CMDS Researcher Dumitrita Holdis published three articles for the European Journalism Observatory about Romanian media.

Parmar on the Assange Case and the UK's Global Defence of Media Freedom

Sejal Parmar discusses the UK’s possible extradition of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange to the United States for computer hacking and the UK Foreign Office’s new campaign on the defence of media freedom.

Zimbabwe’s Media: Divided We Fall

February 12, 2019
Two waves of violence showed that Zimbabwean media is deeply divided in telling the country’s stories. In his article CMDS Fellow John Masuku concludes that Zimbabwean media system needs a serious fix, otherwise bias will continue to drive media coverage.

Walker on Brick and Mortar Revisionism in Orban's Hungary

Hungary is reconstructing its political history, one monument at a time, writes CMDS Fellow Vivian S. Walker in her latest publication in War on the Rocks. The article looks at the relationship between disinformation and authoritarianism.