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What Happens When Academia and Media Work Together

When journalists team up with university researchers, only good things can come of it. With scale and structure, this type of collaboration can solve many, if not all, of the woes both journalism and academia are faced with.

Black Waters: An Account of an Experimental Hybrid Project

Journalists, anthropologists, a sociologist and a natural scientist came together in the Black Waters project to look into the causes and social consequences of environmental damage along the Danube. The project was run by the Center for Media, Data and Society in partnership with Atlatszo and Balkan Investigative Reporting Network.

Gross on Russia’s Disinformation and Propaganda in Romania

“Sputnik, one of Russia’s premier disinformation sites, describes Nicolae Ceaușescu – the apprentice shoemaker who took over the country in 1965 and transmuted into a North Korea’s Kim Il-sung-like character in the 1970 – the hero who ‘rebuilt the nation’, our Fellow, Peter Gross writes in his article published by the Georgetown Journal of International Affairs.

Bognar on Press Freedom and Covid-19

“While we are preoccupied with life under quarantine and the challenges of multiple levels of insecurity, some governments use Covid-19 to advance their agenda by legitimizing illegitimate ways of governance,” Eva Bognar, Senior Program Officer and Researcher at CMDS writes in her article published by the Ethical Journalism Network.

Szakács on the Business of Misinformation

Misinformation is not always ideologically motivated. On the contrary, most fake news websites serve primarily to make money, our Fellow, Judit Szakács writes in her article published by Eurozine.