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Marius Dragomir on the Foreign Expansion of Hungarian Media Capture

January 14, 2022

Hungarian Prime Minister Orbán “is now expanding his business empire across Europe,” CMDS Director Marius Dragomir writes in an article for MediaPowerMonitor.

Politics for All Is Over, but the Memefication of News Isn‘t

In her latest article for Huck Magazine, Naomi Smith discusses the memefication of news, the problems it creates and possible responses.

Tricked and Deceived: How Teenagers Take False News at Face Value and What Can Be Done About It

Despite growing up in the digital world, today’s teenagers are easy prey to disinformation, especially on their favorite social media platforms. Some fact-checking and media literacy outfits are struggling to fix that.

The Future of Fact-checking: Thrivers and Strivers

As the fact-checking field is entering a new cycle, well-connected, media savvy fact-checking groups are likely to thrive. But many more others, especially those without a connection to a media outlet, are facing a turbulent future.

When the Medium is the Message: The Cuban “El Paquete” System

In our latest article covering innovation in journalism from around the world, Jelena Prtoric writes how one TB of films, series, magazines, newspapers and advertisement is delivered every week in Cuba to millions of people in an offline delivery system known as El Paquete Semanal.