Publications - Academic Articles

CMDS Fellow Lina Dencik Co-Authors Paper on Social Rights in EU AI Policy Debates

Social rights occupy a marginal position in EU policy debates on emerging technologies, CMDS Fellow Lina Dencik and Jędrzej Niklas write in a new paper for the journal Internet Policy Review.

Dragomir Co-Authors Article on the Role of Public Service Media in Countering Disinformation

In a cross-national study published in Digital Journalism, Minna Horowitz, Stephen Cushion, CMDS Director Marius Dragomir, Sergio Gutiérrez Manjón and Mervi Pantti introduce a framework to assess how public service media can counter disinformation.

Jozef M. Mintal on the Tech Stacks of Untrustworthy Slovak and Czech Websites

In a new paper for Communication and Smart Technologies, CMDS Fellow Jozef Michal Mintal and his colleagues at UMB Data&Society Lab mapped the back-end services untrustworthy Czech and Slovak websites rely on and analyzed how they can be utilized to combat disinformation.

Phil Howard on Turkish TRT Channel Becoming a Broadcaster for Erdoğan’s Party

The Istanbul-based English-language broadcaster TRT World has shifted its style from being Turkey’s public diplomacy tool into becoming Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s AKP party’s voice to the world, CMDS Fellow Phil Howard and co-author Mona Elswah argue in a paper published in the journal Journalism.

Stefania Milan on COVID-19 Narratives From the Margins

CMDS Fellow Stefania Milan co-authored a theoretical paper on voicing systematically marginalized communities in the COVID-19 pandemic, published in the German edition of Global Media Journal.