Roxana Radu Co-authors Article on Digital Constitutionalism

April 26, 2022

Internet governance is evolving towards fragmentation, polarization and hybridization, and these challenge core constitutional functions, Giovanni De Gregorio and our Fellow Roxana Radu write in a new paper on digital constitutionalism for the International Journal of Law and Information Technology.

The authors argue that as digital spaces are governed at the crossroads of a new phase, these trends question the global paradigm at the basis of the Internet. Affecting more than the technical governance of the infrastructure, these trends impact the core architecture of power and freedoms in the digital environment.

They challenge two core constitutional functions: the protection and exercise of fundamental rights and the limitation of unaccountable power.

The article looks at the challenges raised by fragmentation, polarization and hybridization in the governance of digital technologies to examine emerging challenges to constitutional models protecting rights and limiting powers on a global scale.

Photo by JJ Ying on Unsplash