Public Media Speakers Series

CMDS Participates in Upcoming Panel of the Broadcasting Education Association

As a continuing involvement in the discussions about the state, and the future of, public media around the world, CMDS will take part in a panel of the Broadcasting Education Association, in 23 April 2017 in Las Vegas.

Looking at Practice to Find a Theory of Public Service Media

During her presentation at the Center for Media, Data and Society on April 10, Karen Donders, who lectures on media policy and European media markets at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel, explored some of the complexity of public service media as it exists in different countries around the world. She noted that public broadcasting is “very contextual” and so the tendency to hold up the United Kingdom and BBC as an example that the rest of the world should emulate was “completely wrong.” Donders described the UK as the “most atypical media market in Europe.”

Public Broadcasting in India: Successes, Failures, and Challenges

The Center for Media, Data and Society at the CEU School of Public Policy launched the Public Media Speakers Series on March 2 with a public lecture by Jawhar Sircar, India's longest serving culture secretary.