Organizational Evaluation

We offer clients in the non-profit sector comprehensive evaluation packages. Our center has experts with long experience in project and organizational evaluation. They have carried out evaluations for NGOs, donor organizations, media outlets, think tanks, academic institutions and foundations.

We use a combined quantitative-qualitative approach that includes analysis of existing quantitative indicators related to the organization’s work (i.e. reach, number of followers, appearances in the media, analytics, online targeting) and intensive interviewing (of the organization’s staff as well as key stakeholders in the respective field).

More concretely, we identify strengths and weaknesses in specific areas or portfolios of the organization, analyze the quality of their strategy and the impact of their activities in relation to the organization’s strategic objectives.

Specifically, these evaluations help:

  • NGOs and think tanks to ensure adequate distribution of their human and financial resources
  • Media outlets to choose the right audience or monetization strategies for the context and environment in which they operate
  • Donors and foundations to properly prioritize their grant-making in areas and towards players where they achieve the highest impact

In areas where the center has expertise such as media business, internet and media policies, or journalism, we offer additional input, including general analysis of key trends, sets of ownership and financial data, analysis of key policies and data about sources of funding.