Nussipov Joins CMDS as Fellow

October 9, 2019

Adil Nussipov will work on a project aiming to map the global data governance and to identify the design of the global data governance architecture.

Despite the fast growth of global data economy, the global regulatory framework was far behind of important technological innovations. One of the reasons for this is the absence of the coherent governance arrangement among a myriad of international bodies and organizations.

The aim of the research project by Adil Nussipov is to map the global data governance landscape and identify the design of the global data governance architecture. In doing so, the project will look into the global, regional and transnational levels of data governance as well as on actors on the parallel levels that have a significant role in shaping its global structure. By identifying all relevant actors and understanding their roles and functions in global data governance architecture, the project hopes to provide a strong evidence-based foundation for effective optimization and management of data policy on the global level. The study not only will look at how international bodies regulate data flows but will analyze how they collect and use existing data to shape governance arrangements in other policy fields.

To conduct this research, Adil Nussipov joins the Center for Media, Data and Society as a Fellow.

Adil also works on the Media Influence Matrix project at the Center for Media, Data and Society and acts as Global Governance Editor at E-International Relations, as well as Head of Research, Monitoring and Evaluation at Accountability Initiative for Reform, a non-profit organization in Kazakhstan.. He graduated with distinction from Central European University with an MA in International Relations. Before CEU, he obtained his BA degree in Political Science and International Relations at Nazarbayev University in Astana, Kazakhstan.