Creative Approaches to Living Cultural Archives (CAPTCHA)

The Creative Approaches to Living Cultural Archives project is supported by Culture Program of the European Union's Directorate General for Education and Culture.  Project partners include Radio Corax, Radio Fro, Near FM/TV, and the funding period is September 2013 to August 2015.

The project aims to promote European collaboration between community media organizations and to promote the concept of “open content” and innovative digital exchange and distribution.

The project’s objectives stem from the wider role which community media play in lowering the threshold for citizens to produce and share stories and news of local import, accessing public information, sharing cultural heritage, and maintaining community dialogue. Project partners will produce content and develop a web-based open content platform; CMCS will produce a study of best practices of innovative and effective digital tools and technologies for open access multi-media exchange platforms; evaluate examples of existing cross-border projects among grassroots media; and provide an analytic overview on the relevant legal questions of copyright, fair use and open content, with particular attention to the variations in legislation from country to country within the European Union. 

Project website: