Parmar Works As Consultant on UN Detailed Guidance

October 12, 2020

Our Fellow, Sejal Parmar worked as a consultant on the United Nations (UN) Strategy and Plan of Action on Hate Speech – Detailed Guidance on Implementation for UN field presences, which is now published.

The Detailed Guidance is a key resource tool for all UN field presences on implementing the UN Strategy and Plan of Action on Hate Speech, especially resident coordinators and country teams, peacekeeping missions, and special political missions.

It translates the 13 commitments of the UN Strategy and Action Plan on Hate Speech into 27 action points and 107 concrete and specific recommendations for UN field presences. The Detailed Guidance may also provide a useful reference point for others - national policy makers, regional organizations, NGOs and tech companies - on addressing and countering hate speech, including online hate speech, within an international human rights law framework.

The Detailed Guidance emphasizes the “importance of a clear, common and concrete approach to address and counter hate speech, one that is coherent, comprehensive and coordinated system-wide, and one that protects and promotes human rights in accordance with international law”.

It distinguishes the circumstances in which legal prohibitions and restrictions are required, possible or unacceptable under international law, and also provides examples of non-legal measures which may be taken in response to any kind of hate speech.

It also provides a framework - derived from the Rabat Plan of Action six-part test/”the Rabat threshold test” - for consistently analyzing the nature and measuring the severity of hate speech, and calibrating appropriate actions and interventions in response.