Seminar on Digital Rights by Wessenauer

May 21, 2020

Organizations that track global internet freedom, press freedom, and democracy all report alarming declines in these critical areas. Human rights, freedom, and democracy are under attack across the world. Attacks are enabled by the very technology that connects people and ideas across borders.

Our Fellow, Veszna Wessenauer, research manager of the Ranking Digital Rights project, will discuss these questions during the seminar: What do we mean by digital rights? Why do we need to be aware of our digital rights? What kind of instruments are needed in order to enable citizens to exercise their digital rights?

The seminar is run by the OLIve Weekend Program Budapest, a non-profit organization affiliated with the Central European University (CEU), and dedicated to creating a safe and inclusive learning space for people who have experienced displacement, including asylum seekers and those with refugee status.