Dragomir Cited in Transitions Online’s Article on Media Ownership in CEE

November 29, 2017

Transitions Online has recently published an article about possible changes in the ownership of one of the biggest media outlets in Central and Eastern Europe. As Transitions writes, “several sources told Reuters that a consortium headed by Chinese energy and investment group CEFC wants to buy Central European Media Enterprises (CME) from Time Warner”. Transitions quoted Marius Dragomir, director of CMDS, who said that “what impact the sale of CME will have on media and journalism in the region will depend on the buyer. It's better if such a big group is bought by a company with media know-how that has shown interest in bankrolling independent journalism,” adding that “if it's an investor without media experience, it could be problematic because such buyers usually see media as an instrument to pursue their business interests”.

Read the article here.