December 2, 2010

The aim of EastBound is to create an international platform for Western and Eastern European researchers engaged in the multidisciplinary field of media and cultural studies. The journal features articles, reviews and interviews dealing with social and political implications of the rise of entertainment media and mediated popular culture, the appearance of global media players, and the spread of new forms of politics and information technologies.

These transformations have presented a new cultural context for people’s cultural practices, from the minor aspects of everyday consumption to the large-scale reproduction of national identities and cultural heritage. EastBound addresses recent media and cultural realities, both from regional and international comparative standpoints.

EastBound vol. 2010 issue 2: Media and Democratization - Papers from a CEU summer school

Edited by Arne Hintz

All articles as PDF files

EastBound vol. 2010, Issue 1: Popular Culture and Citizenship

Edited by Péter Csigó and Peter Dahlgren

All articles as PDF files


EastBound vol. 2006: Re:Activism

Edited by Balázs Bodó

All articles as PDF files