Slovaks consume news more frequently and in bigger amounts than ever before. They have access to a plethora of publications, news portals, radio and television stations. However, much of that is in the hands of a few powerful financial corporations, closely linked with political groups. Policymakers and regulators lack vision and have little interest in strengthening journalism. A handful of foreign players are still investing in news, but they are increasingly favoring investments in entertainment or are raring to exit the market completely. The Slovak public broadcaster has garnered kudos for its journalistic output in recent years, but a new management is poised to put an end to that.

Photo by Miroslav Petrasko

Still, not all is gloom and doom on the Slovak news market. A new generation of professionals is shaking up the status quo, launching new political platforms and funding media start-ups.

For more information on key data about Slovakia, take a look at the country factsheet. The executive summary is available here, and there are more detailed sections on Government, Politics and Regulation; Funding and Technology, Public Sphere and Journalism. The methodology of the report can be read here.

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