Skills for Impact - Internet and Human Rights Practicum

Academic Program: 

Instructor: Cameran Ashraf

Credits: 2.0

Course description: Skills for Impact Program, Elective module

Around the world activists, human rights defenders, and journalists, face unprecedented intrusion and surveillance into their activities on the Internet.  These intrusions can range from passive surveillance to active infiltration and ultimately can lead to imprisonment, the chilling of opposition voices, and the dismantling of civil society.

This course will build on the topics discussed in the course: The Internet & Human Rights by exposing students to a hands-on practicum of the challenges and opportunities human rights defenders, activists, journalists, and other threatened individuals face around the world.  Students will learn digital security tactics, strategies, and understand the importance of operational security and digital security hygiene to better examine and relate to the myriad of threats to human rights online.

Learning outcomes: 

By the end of this course students will

  1. Build on theory and case studies by engaging with specific tools and technologies;
  2. Be able to take concrete steps towards enhancing digital security, understanding online threat environments;
  3. Understand, communicate, and implement these new skills to individuals, groups, and organizations through direct hands-on work