The RIPE international initiative for the development of public service in media (established 2000 in Finland) is an influential global network of academic researchers and strategic managers with expertise in every relevant dimension of PSM. RIPE@Global is a project to develop a global network with the goal of building links with experts in every country where PSM is under development today.

RIPE @GLOBAL aims to connect academic and applied researcher-experts of public service media around the world. It activities include an open access roster of experts, newsletters, as well as an active Facebook group for knowledge exchange.

RIPE, the umbrella network for RIPE@GLOBAL, is an acronym for Re-Visionary Interpretations of the Public Enterprise. The RIPE network is discussing, debating, critiquing and conceptualising what is needed to guarantee public service in media today. This international project is dedicated to reinventing, redefining, and recreating the meanings and practices of public service in media. Although much of the original idea in PSB has continuing relevance despite rapid and sweeping changes, it is clear that conditions, needs and situations are much different and more varied today.

RIPE is devoted to strengthening collaboration between media researchers and (mainly) strategic managers (i.e. university-industry collaboration). The network has about 400 participants at present.