General purpose
The course trains participants in the essentials of podcasting (online on-demand radio). Podcasting can help established and emerging media professionals promote their work, create avenues of communication for individuals or groups and foster new communities with shared interests (no matter how broad or narrow). One of the appeals of podcasting is the limited technical skills needed to make podcasts and the possibility for even the most niche topic to find its audience. However, to realize the full potential of the medium, podcasts should be intelligently designed, follow rudimentary production processes and be locatable within a fast growing area.

What will participants learn?

- Designing, editing and managing audio content
- Using recording equipment and software for audio production

Course content
- Designing a podcast: how to write for the ear, structure audio content and turn an episode into a series
- Recording Essentials – equipment and techniques
- Editing Essentials – audio editing software training
- Disseminating your podcasts – building communities and promoting content online


Podcast courses are taught and designed by experts in podcast production, radio, sound design and editing. They have experience in teaching podcasting and researching podcasting as a phenomena, as well as in practical work on podcast production and radio.

Courses on offer

AudioFiles: Podcasting Essentials (a two-day hands-on podcasting workshop)

The course will focus heavily on learning practical skills and techniques (writing, recording, editing and dissemination). At the end of the course, participants will have the skills needed to start producing audio content for themselves or their organization.

The course can be offered at CEU’s premises in Budapest or in the location of the organizations interested in the course. It will involve CMDS internal expertise, plus one or more additional external expert(s) depending on resources and needs.

Podcasting for Life: Training and Ongoing Support

The course consists of both training and support. Starting with a one-day crash course on podcasting (covering writing, recording, editing) CMDS will then offer production support via consultations until the completion of participant’s project (e.g. if an organization plans to produce a series of 6 podcasts on a certain theme, after the initial training day, we will work closely to aid the participants in the making of all their podcasts).

The course can be offered at CEU’s premises in Budapest or in the location of the organizations interested in the course. Participants will apply with specific project that they will develop during the course.