We welcome opportunities to collaborate in policy-relevant research into the pressing issues of the day.  These collaborations can involve applying for grant support together, or hosting visits from researchers, policy makers, journalists and civil society leaders.  There are a wide range of informal and formal affiliations possible, and we are open to considering new opportunities for collaboration.

There are also programs for formal Visiting Research appointments at CEU, for which CMDS can be a good intellectual home.  The Institute for Advanced Study is one of the most prestigious institiutes of its kind, and they often welcome researchers with an interest in media, communication and information policy.  We often host researchers who come with their own sources of funding, or with funding from third parties such as Fulbright awards or Marie Curie Fellowships that bring people from around the world to do research in Europe.  If your university is part of the Erasmus scheme, we would be happy to start a conversation of having you come to CEU through this program.  If you are faculty looking for a chance to teach in Budapest, the list of collaborating departments and affiliated universities is long and if your research is related to the work of CMDS we may be able to assist in arranging your appointment.  In addition, the EU COST program supports short-term scientific missions from European Universities to CEU.

CEU has two dedicated Fulbright scholarships for US based scholars, which fund a 9 months stay in the CEU IAS for a Fulbright scholar (one scholar for 9 months, or two for 4.5 months each, either at the junior or senior level) and a lecturer for 9 months (or two for 4.5 months each).  The deadline is the first of August each year, and CMDS is eager to support strong candidates for this award. CEU also offers Visiting Research Fellowships supported by the Higher Education Support Program of the Open Society Foundations. Fellows are supported for a period of three to six months (one or two consecutive terms at CEU). Fellowship covers travel costs to/from Budapest, accommodation and a monthly stipend of 1,800 USD per month.