Ian M. Cook

Ian M. Cook is currently a Research Fellow within the project Sound Relations: Transgressions, Disruptions, Transformations. He is an anthropologist whose work spans urban studies, south Asian studies and sound studies; he is obsessed with thinking the world through rhythms and making academic podcasts (though not at the same time); he has conducted ethnographic fieldwork in Mangaluru (India) and Budapest (Hungary). He loves writing academic texts, but also loves producing academic knowledge with sounds and film. Topics of interest include: urban change, morality, learning, informal economies, housing, land, development, migration and infrastructure.

At CEU he is the he is the co-founder and manager of CEU’s podcast library; a research fellow at the Center for Media, Data and Society; a proud member of The Open Learning Initiative (OLIve) aimed at opening access to higher education for refugees and asylum seekers; once a student at the Department of Sociology and Social Anthropology; and part of the core team within the Visual Studies Platform. He loves teaching.

Outside CEU he is the co-host of the media anthropology series Online Gods; hosts the South Asia Studies and Sound Studies podcast series within the New Books Network; and is Master of Podcasts at Allegra.

You can find all his research outputs either on his personal webpage or at these sites: Academia.edu; Research Gate; Google Scholar; YouTube; Vimeo; LinkedIn.