Fardin Alikhah

Dr. Fardin Alikhah is Assistant Professor at the Department of Social Sciences at the University of Guilan in Iran. He holds a PH.D in sociology from Allameh Tabatabaei University, Tehran. His research interests are social media, celebrity, city, gender, everyday life, lifestyle changes, consumer culture, dance, fashion, music, car culture, and public spaces. Parallel to teaching at the university, he has been trying to bring sociology beyond the university and share it with non-sociologists and non-academic audiences. His public writings are widely followed on Persian social media. Geographically, his studies focus on Iranian society. He is interested in studying Iranian everyday life with an interdisciplinary approach. He has published various articles in academic journals. The Transformation of the Cities, The Street, and Consumerism as a Way of Life are books he has translated into Persian. They wrote a book after divorce, which is a collection of Fardin‘s public writings will be released soon for Persian language readers.

Dr. Fardin Alikhah is hosted by CMDS through CEU’s Visiting Research Fellowship. His research topic is Media Consumption and Acculturation Among Immigrant Iranians. He was a Fellow at the center in 2014 and his research “A Brief History of the Development of Satellite Channels in Iran” was published in Global Media and Communication Journal.