Misinformation in Serbia: Politics, Clicks and Cash

Established websites dominate the misinformation landscape in Serbia, usually with a strong political agenda. Favoring the government is rewarded with public money.

Slovak Media Welcomes New Oligarchs

The oligarchs’ grip on the Slovak media continued to strengthen in the past year, but a few doughty independent media put up fierce resistance.

A Tough Market for Misinformers to Crack

Misinformation is not absent in Moldova, but its sources are located in state and commercial mainstream media. Smaller websites have a hard time to survive.

Átlátszó Publishes Investigation in the Framework of a CMDS Project

March 5, 2020
Átlátszó, an independent online media outlet in Hungary, investigated the hazardous waste deposit at the red sludge reservoirs in the Hungarian village Almásfüzitő. The article is the result of the cooperation of academic researchers and journalists in our Black Waters project.

Hatred and Mysticism for a Profit in Romania

The misinformation business in Romania is elusive and difficult to measure, but click-bait content, which is funded mostly by advertising, is the norm.