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Ellen Hume and Susan Abbott on the Future of Investigative Journalism

Ellen Hume, member of our advisory board and Susan Abbott, non-resident CMDS fellow have recently published their joint study researching the future of investigative journalism. The report paints a bright picture of the current state of investigative journalism, stating that "despite the dangers and uncertainties, it is an exciting time to be an investigative journalist, thanks to new collaborations and digital tools. These nonprofits are inventing a potent form of massive, cross border investigative reporting, supported by philanthropy.

CMDS publishes the final report of the CAPTCHA Project

February 16, 2016

The CAPTCHA project was a partnership of three community media organizations (Radio Corax, Germany; the Near Media Co-op, Ireland; Radio FRO, Austria) and the Center for Media, Data and Society. The project, which ran from September 2013 to August 2015, was supported by a grant from the Culture Programme of the European Union and it aimed to empower community media and programme makers to increase the online accessibility of their programmes.

New Report by CMDS Fellows Lina Dencik and Arne Hintz

November 23, 2015

Managing ‘Threats’: Uses of Social Media for Policing Domestic Extremism and Disorder in the UK is a newly published project report by Lina Dencik, Arne Hintz, Zoe Carey and Hina Pandya from the Cardiff School of Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies, which examines the uses of social media for policing domestic extremism and disorder in the UK, focusing on how social media data informs decision-making with regards to the policing of domestic extremism and disorder in the context of the United Kingdom.

CMDS Fellow and UN Special Rapporteur, Miklos Haraszti reports on media freedom in Belarus

October 28, 2015

The United Nations Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in Belarus, CMDS fellow Miklós Haraszti, commended that protests against the perceived flaws of the presidential election in the country were not met with violence as in previous cases, but regretted that no progress was made in serving the Belarusians’ right to free and fair election.