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Tech Platforms Struggle to Label State-Controlled Media

Twitter announced last week that it would start labeling some accounts run by media outlets and their top editors as “state-affiliated,” a descriptor intended to improve transparency about the source of information being shared on the platform.

VSquare Publishes Article Based on CMDS Research

“Despite the growing interest in the environment amongst the public and the increased ability for campaigners to raise concerns (…), such campaigns struggle to address the political structures, material concerns and socio-cultural contexts,” our Researcher, Ian M. Cook and Gabi Horn, journalist at Átlátszó write in their article published by VSquare.

Dragomir on Public Media and Citizen Participation

“In a dynamic and brutally competitive media landscape, it is time for public media to get serious about citizen participation,” CMDS’ Director Marius Dragomir argues in his article published by Public Media Alliance.

What Happens When Academia and Media Work Together

When journalists team up with university researchers, only good things can come of it. With scale and structure, this type of collaboration can solve many, if not all, of the woes both journalism and academia are faced with.

Black Waters: An Account of an Experimental Hybrid Project

Journalists, anthropologists, a sociologist and a natural scientist came together in the Black Waters project to look into the causes and social consequences of environmental damage along the Danube. The project was run by the Center for Media, Data and Society in partnership with Atlatszo and Balkan Investigative Reporting Network.