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Britain’s Media Monopoly Is a Threat to Democracy

"Britain's media is owned by a tiny handful of corporations, with three companies controlling 90% of newspaper circulation – if we want a real democracy, it's time to break the power of the media moguls", writes CMDS researcher Tom Chivers, for Tribune Magazine. 

How to Bridge Divides in Small Local Communities? Some Lessons We Learned at Átlátszó Erdély

Why should we care about who is responsible for a back country road built on a huge landslip? Is it newsworthy that the mayor of a village of 1,000 inhabitants “forgot” to mention in his wealth declaration that he had hundreds of thousands of euros in revenue from EU-subsidized land, cheaply rented from the local council? Who is interested in the two women from a 500-people village who aspired to become local councilors, but couldn’t because the male majority rigged the pre-election to make their running impossible?

People-Powered Investigations: How the Bureau Local is Trying to Spark Change through Collaboration

The first article in a series exploring the power of audiences to support, inform and shape innovative journalism discusses how the UK based The Bureau Local, investigates for and with citizens - all while empowering local newsrooms.

Detrekői on the EU Copyright Directive

Our Fellow, Zsuzsa Detrekői analyzed how Article 17 of the EU Copyright Directive will influence the operation of video-sharing websites.

Parthasarathi on the TV Distribution Market in India

“The universal problematic of market definition poses peculiar challenges in multi-lingual and fragmented media markets, like in India,” our Fellow, Vibodh Parthasarathi writes in his article published in the Indian Journal of Law and Technology.