Publications - Academic Articles

Benjamin De Cleen Co-authors Paper on Far-Right Intellectual Reflections on Populism

In a new research article published in the Journal of Political Ideologies, Omran Shoufri and CMDS Fellow Benjamin De Cleen analyze German far-right reflections and strategic thinking about populism.

Roxana Radu Co-authors Article on Digital Constitutionalism

Internet governance is evolving towards fragmentation, polarization and hybridization, and these challenge core constitutional functions, Giovanni De Gregorio and our Fellow Roxana Radu write in a new paper for the International Journal of Law and Information Technology.

Marta Rodríguez-Castro Co-authors Paper on the Value of Public Service Media

In a new paper for the European Journal of Communication, Azahara Cañedo, our Fellow Marta Rodríguez-Castro and Ana María López-Cepeda problematize the concept of public value of public service media in the European framework.

Vibodh Parthasarathi on the Regulatory History of Press Ownership in India

Our Fellow Vibodh Parthasarathi examines the regulatory history of press ownership in India in a new article for the Journal of Digital Media & Policy.

Giulia Priora on Copyright and Digital Teaching Exceptions in the EU

Our Fellow Giulia Priora and co-authors Bernd Justin Jütte and Péter Mezei analyze the implementation models of a new EU provision on copyright exceptions and limitations related to digital teaching activities.