Publications - Academic Articles

Stefania Milan Co-authors Article on International Communication Standards

Niels ten Oever and CMDS Fellow Stefania Milan review the history of international communication standards from the telegraph to 5G in a new article in the Journal of Standardization.

Linda Dencik on the Datafied Welfare State in New Book

In a chapter in a new volume on critical data studies, CMDS Fellow Lina Dencik writes about how data infrastructures are transforming state-citizen relations.

Benjamin De Cleen Co-authors Paper on Far-Right Intellectual Reflections on Populism

In a new research article published in the Journal of Political Ideologies, Omran Shoufri and CMDS Fellow Benjamin De Cleen analyze German far-right reflections and strategic thinking about populism.

Roxana Radu Co-authors Article on Digital Constitutionalism

Internet governance is evolving towards fragmentation, polarization and hybridization, and these challenge core constitutional functions, Giovanni De Gregorio and our Fellow Roxana Radu write in a new paper for the International Journal of Law and Information Technology.

Marta Rodríguez-Castro Co-authors Paper on the Value of Public Service Media

In a new paper for the European Journal of Communication, Azahara Cañedo, our Fellow Marta Rodríguez-Castro and Ana María López-Cepeda problematize the concept of public value of public service media in the European framework.