Tech and Society in Israel: A Gaping Digital Divide

Wrong policy decisions, hyper-competition on the telecom market and a vast technological gap: this is how Israel is losing its high-tech sparkle, a newly released CMDS report found.

NEW Podcast! Down, but Not Out, Ep 3: Journalism Cooperatives and Subscription Newsletters. Power in the Hands of Journalists

Can journalism cooperatives and subscription newsletters put power back in the hands of journalists?

Tech Regulation in Jordan: Thinking Inside the Box

In trying to bridge the regulatory gap between traditional and online media, Jordan is likely to hurt freedom of expression online, a newly issued report from CMDS found.

The Power of the Press in the UK Media Regulation

How is the media regulated in the UK and what are the political battles shaping the media system? What are the core principles behind these battles and how should we expect debates around them to develop in the future? The first report of the Uncovering Media Influence in the UK project, published by The Center for Media, Data and Society (CMDS), Goldsmiths Leverhulme Media Research Centre and the Media Reform Coalition (MRC), tries to answer these and many more questions. It addresses three areas of regulation, namely broadcasting, the press and the online media, and analyses the role that state and industry actors have in shaping the policy field.

People-Powered Investigations: How the Bureau Local is Trying to Spark Change through Collaboration

The first article in a series exploring the power of audiences to support, inform and shape innovative journalism discusses how the UK based The Bureau Local, investigates for and with citizens - all while empowering local newsrooms.