CMDS Fellow Lina Dencik Co-Authors Paper on Social Rights in EU AI Policy Debates

Social rights occupy a marginal position in EU policy debates on emerging technologies, CMDS Fellow Lina Dencik and Jędrzej Niklas write in a new paper for the journal Internet Policy Review.

Dragomir Co-Authors Article on the Role of Public Service Media in Countering Disinformation

In a cross-national study published in Digital Journalism, Minna Horowitz, Stephen Cushion, CMDS Director Marius Dragomir, Sergio Gutiérrez Manjón and Mervi Pantti introduce a framework to assess how public service media can counter disinformation.

Jozef M. Mintal on the Tech Stacks of Untrustworthy Slovak and Czech Websites

In a new paper for Communication and Smart Technologies, CMDS Fellow Jozef Michal Mintal and his colleagues at UMB Data&Society Lab mapped the back-end services untrustworthy Czech and Slovak websites rely on and analyzed how they can be utilized to combat disinformation.

Funding Journalism in Britain: Commercial Logic Beats Public Interest

Public funding is the most suited, if not sole, future for Britain’s public interest journalism. But both policymakers and commercial media seem to oppose it. A new CMDS report sheds light on the latest trends in journalism funding in the UK.

The Sorry, Sorry State of State Media: Four Fifths of the World’s State Media Lack Editorial Independence

In a study released today, CMDS Director Marius Dragomir introduces a new tool to assess the editorial independence of the world’s state media and finds that nearly 80% of 546 state-administered media companies in 151 countries lack editorial independence.