CEU Students’ Reporting for Marius Dragomir’s Class Featured in Politico

In an example of academia's contribution to journalism, Politico features an article by students in CMDS Director Marius Dragormir’s class on how the COVID-19 pandemic impacted the situation of migrants in EU detention centers.


Stefaan Verhulst on Data Governance Technologies

Although data sharing creates a counterbalancing democratizing force, it must be approached cautiously, CMDS Advisory Board member Stefaan Verhulst and his co-authors write in an article for the journal Data & Policy.

Media in Israel: Politics at Work

The involvement of high-placed political figures in the inner workings of the media raises fundamental questions about the legitimacy and integrity of professional journalism in Israel today, according to a new report by CMDS.

Kristina Irion on Human Rights Protection in New Book About Big Data and Trade Law

CMDS Fellow Kristina Irion authored a chapter for the volume Big Data and Trade Law, published this month by Cambridge University Press.

How Fact-Checking Organizations Tackle Disinformation on Facebook and TikTok

In their article, Robert Nemeth and Marius Dragomir feature two organizations, Raskrinkavanje in Bosnia & Herzegovina, and Verificat in Spain, which found successful ways to combat misinformation on social media.