Holdis on the Media Situation in Romania

CMDS Researcher Dumitrita Holdis published three articles for the European Journalism Observatory about Romanian media.

Regulatory Capture in Slovakia: Who Benefits Most

The Slovak news media sector remains captured by powerful financial groups and oligarchs. Blame it on regulation (partly).

From Reporting Styles to Propaganda: Portrayal of Migration in the Media

December 19, 2019
A new study on the portrayal of migration in the Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary and Poland found that the content of several channels matched all or most criteria of propaganda.

How the Rise of the Internet Police Imperils Journalism in Indonesia

Misinformation has flooded the Indonesian internet in recent years. The government’s response will only shrink the space for online news content.

Mintal on Social Media as an Accurate Mirror of Society

November 29, 2019
In a recently published anthology, our Fellow, Jozef Michal Mintal busts a common myth about the internet.