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The Power of the Press in the UK Media Regulation

How is the media regulated in the UK and what are the political battles shaping the media system? What are the core principles behind these battles and how should we expect debates around them to develop in the future? The first report of the Uncovering Media Influence in the UK project, published by The Center for Media, Data and Society (CMDS), Goldsmiths Leverhulme Media Research Centre and the Media Reform Coalition (MRC), tries to answer these and many more questions. It addresses three areas of regulation, namely broadcasting, the press and the online media, and analyses the role that state and industry actors have in shaping the policy field.

Online Harms: Why We Need a Systems-Based Approach Towards Internet Regulation

February 19, 2021
"People should remain free to state their opinions online (providing they do not break the law in doing so, nor violate the terms of service of a commercial contract), but those opinions do not have to reach the widest audience in ways that sacrifice the public interest for advertising revenue. It is the difference between freedom of speech and freedom of reach."

Funding Journalism in Ukraine: Ask the Oligarchs

Four large players dominate the media market in Ukraine, a country where television is the main source of news. Independent journalism is still alive and kicking but struggles to achieve real impact.

The Cosy Politics of the BBC Chair

January 19, 2021

"The appointment of Tory donor and right-wing think-tanker Richard Sharp as BBC Chair strengthens the party's grip on the broadcaster – and continues a long history of political concerns trumping the public interest.", writes Tom Chivers, a PhD researcher at Goldsmiths, University of London, where he is also associate lecturer in media, history, and politics.

Who Funds Journalism in Italy?

Advertising is the most important source of income in the Italian news media market, where television is still the most popular platform, dominated by two historical players.