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Politics for All Is Over, but the Memefication of News Isn‘t

In her latest article for Huck Magazine, Naomi Smith discusses the memefication of news, the problems it creates and possible responses.

Technology in Ukraine: Playing Catch-Up

As Ukraine updates its communication policies, the country’s tech sector remains plagued by a delayed introduction of new technologies, a gaping urban-rural digital divide, skepticism towards the state and the problem of disinformation.

The UK Media Influence Matrix Final Report is Published Today

At the end of one year of research the final Media Influence Matrix: United Kingdom Report is being published today. The report provides a comprehensive and timely overview of the UK media landscape with a particular emphasis on the key institutions shaping the regulatory environment, the funding and consumption of news, and the impact of big tech on the production and consumption of journalism.

Dragomir's The State of State Media Study Featured in Several Media Outlets

November 19, 2021

CMDS Director Marius Dragomir’s study on the global state media has received coverage in several publications.

Global Tech Versus UK Media or What the Future Has in Store for British Journalism

Global tech giants and British media players are fighting tooth and nail to access market resources. The result of this struggle will make or break journalism in the UK.