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Regulatory Capture in Slovakia: Who Benefits Most

The Slovak news media sector remains captured by powerful financial groups and oligarchs. Blame it on regulation (partly).

How the Rise of the Internet Police Imperils Journalism in Indonesia

Misinformation has flooded the Indonesian internet in recent years. The government’s response will only shrink the space for online news content.

Independent Journalism in Romania: On the Ropes

Romania’s media market seems vibrant and diverse, but in reality, the local environment hardly enables independent journalism to thrive. Independent journalism survives thanks to a string of small online outlets that are struggling financially and grappling with a low level of trust and a public unwilling to pay for media content.

University of Santiago de Compostela Joins the Media Influence Matrix

November 11, 2019
University of Santiago de Compostela (USC) is the new member of the Media & Power Research Consortium, a global collaborative network of schools, NGOs, professional organizations of journalism and private foundations brought together by their interest in pursuing a set of common research and advocacy goals.

La Universidad de Santiago de Compostela se incorpora al Media Influence Matrix

November 11, 2019
La Universidad de Santiago de Compostela (USC) es el nuevo miembro del Consorcio de Investigación sobre Medios y Poder (Media & Power Research Consortium), una red de colaboración internacional formada por escuelas, ONG, organizaciones profesionales de periodistas y fundaciones privadas a las que une su interés por reivindicar un conjunto de objetivos de investigación y de promoción comunes.