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Online Media in Georgia: Still Hatching

Georgia has experienced a boom in internet and mobile penetration. That's not enough for the country’s digital media to take off.

Slovak Media Welcomes New Oligarchs

The oligarchs’ grip on the Slovak media continued to strengthen in the past year, but a few doughty independent media put up fierce resistance.

News Media in Spain: A Battle of the Behemoths

The Spanish news media industry is vibrant, with a wealth of players competing for funding and eyeballs, but at the same time it is extremely concentrated, especially financially.

Medios informativos en España: una lucha de gigantes

La industria de los medios informativos en España es vibrante, con abundancia de agentes compitiendo por financiación y atención, aunque al mismo tiempo se caracteriza por la concentración, especialmente en el campo de la financiación.

New CEU Student Cohort Joins the Media Influence Matrix

February 26, 2020
A new cohort of CEU MA students has joined the Media Influence Matrix, a project that the Center for Media, Data and Society (CMDS) has been carrying out since 2017.