MIM Interview Series

ZEIT Foundation and Journalism: Go East

The fortune left by Gerd Bucerius, one of the founders of the German weekly Die Zeit, is now spent on many good things. Journalism is one of them. ZEIT Foundation shared with CMDS its take on journalism.

Lumina Foundation: We Fund Journalists Who Shape the Narrative

Lumina Foundation sees great public value in journalism. Kevin Corcoran, the foundation’s strategy director spoke to CMDS about Lumina’s grant-making strategy at a time of major shifts in the media sector.

Finnish Journalism Philanthropy: Save the History, Shape the Future

The Helsingin Sanomat Foundation of Finland is committed to do more risk funding with the aim of supporting groundbreaking journalism and research that will be relevant in 2030 and beyond. Other philanthropies should follow suit.

Wanted: Journalists Who Go Against the System

Czech mathematician and entrepreneur Karel Janecek found a good use for (some of) his money: helping to fix society. Journalism that exposes corruption is part of the mission.

Independent Journalism as a Pillar of Peace

Showing diverse policy communities that independent journalism is a fundamental pillar of global peace can marshal much-needed support for an embattled media sector, says Devon Terrill, Program Officer for Media Programming at the Stanley Foundation in Iowa.