Journalism Breakthroughs

NEW Podcast! Down, but Not Out Ep4: On How to Launch a Paywall in 2002 and Live to Tell the Story

Malaysiakini is one of Malaysia’s most popular news sites, and was founded in 1999. In 2002, still a medium size organization, with 20 staff members, making money mostly from advertising and other services, Malaysiakini decided to introduce a paywall at a time when internet access, credit cards and online payments were far from popular anywhere in the world. This episode tells the story of this incredible experiment and its consequences for independent media.

Sharing Knowledge, Mapping Needs: CMDS Launches Report on Innovation in Journalism

CMDS launches report on innovation in journalism, part of its Journalism Breakthroughs project. A dozen media experts, journalists and media managers were interviewed to map the knowledge, training and learning needs of our professional network. The report also discusses how journalists use and consume academic knowledge and how they interact with media experts, as well as the role played by funders in influencing how journalists think about innovation.

NEW Podcast! Down, but Not Out, Ep 3: Journalism Cooperatives and Subscription Newsletters. Power in the Hands of Journalists

Can journalism cooperatives and subscription newsletters put power back in the hands of journalists?

How to Bridge Divides in Small Local Communities? Some Lessons We Learned at Átlátszó Erdély

Why should we care about who is responsible for a back country road built on a huge landslip? Is it newsworthy that the mayor of a village of 1,000 inhabitants “forgot” to mention in his wealth declaration that he had hundreds of thousands of euros in revenue from EU-subsidized land, cheaply rented from the local council? Who is interested in the two women from a 500-people village who aspired to become local councilors, but couldn’t because the male majority rigged the pre-election to make their running impossible?

People-Powered Investigations: How the Bureau Local is Trying to Spark Change through Collaboration

The first article in a series exploring the power of audiences to support, inform and shape innovative journalism discusses how the UK based The Bureau Local, investigates for and with citizens - all while empowering local newsrooms.