Journalism Breakthroughs

Coronavirus Radio Ideas: How a Facebook Group Inspires Innovation

The pandemic increased the need for access to accurate information. A recently created Facebook group binds radio stations, listeners and markets together during lockdowns.

New Podcast: Three Ways How Academics and Journalists Can Work Together

In the third episode of the Journalism Breakthroughs podcast series, Ian Cook and Dumitrita Holdis take a look at three different innovations that bridge academia and journalism: how students can become journalists, how journalists can build on academics’ research, and how scholars and journalists can work together.

Corona Capsule: A Nepali Radio’s Quest to Fight Covid-19

The creators of Corona Capsule radio show in Nepal are committed to provide important information and advice in an easy-to-listen format. The audience reacted positively. The shows have reached millions of people.

New Podcast: A Path to Sustainability for Digital Newsrooms in Latin America

The second episode of the Journalism Breakthroughs podcast series, hosted by Patricio Contreras, discusses how Velocidad, a media accelerator in Latin America, injects money and also explores the different dimensions and challenges of financial health in the news ecosystem.

African Radio Stations Forced to Navigate Domestic Politics to Remain Sustainable

Managing political correctness and manipulation for survival while remaining editorially credible are the key parts of the sustainability strategy for many radio stations in Africa, be they government-controlled or commercial. Those who choose to be defiant usually land themselves into trouble or face closure.