Journalism Breakthroughs

Building Local Networks: Lessons from a Syrian Information Centre

In his second article on the work of the Rojava Information Center, Matt Broomfield discusses tactics used to build local networks and thus assure objective reporting in times of war and peace.

Building Bridges with the Global Media: Lessons from a Syrian Information Center

Matt Broomfield, co-founder of the Rojava Information Center (RIC), an independent, volunteer-staffed organization based in North East Syria discusses on a new CMDS blog entry the importance of a local perspective in war reporting.

Understanding and Implementing Innovation in News Media and Journalism

"It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a media company in possession of a good fortune (an audience, brand recognition and decent revenues), must (still) be in want of innovation.", writes Damian Radcliffe in a report on innovation and news media, published  under CMDS' Journalism Breakthroughs project.

Szabad Pécs Launches Online Resource Platform for Hungarian Journalists

October 15, 2021

As part of a collaboration with CMDS, Szabad Pécs, an independent Hungarian news site from southern Hungary, launched a free online resource platform for Hungarian journalists. The launch event was an online discussion on journalism training in Hungary.

When the Medium is the Message: The Cuban “El Paquete” System

In our latest article covering innovation in journalism from around the world, Jelena Prtoric writes how one TB of films, series, magazines, newspapers and advertisement is delivered every week in Cuba to millions of people in an offline delivery system known as El Paquete Semanal.