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The Journalism Crisis and How To Fix It - New Video

The journalism crisis affects everyone. What hope is there for independent news media, the basic element of democratic societies? Watch our video to find out the answers!

How Streaming Saves Mexican Television in Times of Pandemic

Television networks in Mexico have adopted digital platforms to be able to remotely manage the news programs that, before the Covid-19 crisis, were produced by journalists and analysts who were physically present in the stations’ studios. Streaming has been a useful tool used to adapt the news production to the new reality that we live in nowadays.

Cómo el streaming salva la televisión mexicana en los tiempos de pandemia

Las cadenas de televisión en México han incorporado plataformas digitales para hacer conducción remota de programas informativos que, antes de la crisis por el Covid-19, se hacían con la presencia física de periodistas y analistas en los estudios y cabinas de las empresas de comunicación. El streaming ha sido una herramienta útil para adaptar la producción de noticias ante la nueva realidad sanitaria que aqueja al mundo.

New Podcast: A Path to Sustainability for Digital Newsrooms in Latin America

The second episode of the Journalism Breakthroughs podcast series, hosted by Patricio Contreras, discusses how Velocidad, a media accelerator in Latin America, injects money and also explores the different dimensions and challenges of financial health in the news ecosystem.

How Salud con Lupa Has Raised the Standard of Health Reporting in Latin America

Started as a Facebook group, it has grown into a digital platform covering public health issues. It is the only Spanish-language project selected by the Poynter Institute’s Checking Fact Innovation Challenge in the United States and the Facebook Journalism Project. For its founder, Fabiola Torres, to think about public health is to think about collective wellbeing. In a middle of a pandemic, that is more than a theoretical statement.