Britain’s Media Monopoly Is a Threat to Democracy

"Britain's media is owned by a tiny handful of corporations, with three companies controlling 90% of newspaper circulation – if we want a real democracy, it's time to break the power of the media moguls", writes CMDS researcher Tom Chivers, for Tribune Magazine. 

Sam Phiri Joins CMDS as Fellow

April 14, 2021
We are happy to announce that Sam Phiri has joined our Center as a Fellow.

Tech and Society in Israel: A Gaping Digital Divide

Wrong policy decisions, hyper-competition on the telecom market and a vast technological gap: this is how Israel is losing its high-tech sparkle, a newly released CMDS report found.

NEW Podcast! Down, but Not Out, Ep 3: Journalism Cooperatives and Subscription Newsletters. Power in the Hands of Journalists

Can journalism cooperatives and subscription newsletters put power back in the hands of journalists?

CMDS Welcomes New Researchers

April 9, 2021
We are happy to announce that three young researchers have joined our Center to work as interns on various projects.