Technology in Romania: Fast Is Not Fair

Romania has one of the most competitive technology markets in the world. But who benefits from it?

Journalism in Kyrgyzstan: Feeding at the Public Trough

In a country where media heavily rely on government funding and informal payments, there can’t be much independent reporting. Kyrgyz journalists attest to that.

Study Paints Gloomy Picture of Media Environment in Zimbabwe

October 9, 2019
Zimbabwe claims to be open for business, but it doesn’t have much to sell. Without a vibrant civil society and media sector, that will not change soon.

Nussipov Joins CMDS as Fellow

October 9, 2019
Adil Nussipov will work on a project aiming to map the global data governance and to identify the design of the global data governance architecture.

Parthasarathi on Interdependencies in the Indian Media Economy

What are the boundaries of media markets? Who are the key actors? How are these transactional relationships valued? CMDS Fellow Vibodh Parthasarathi and Adrian Athique (University of Queensland) ask these questions in their article Market matters: interdependencies in the Indian media economy.