Davor Marko Joins CMDS as Non-Resident Fellow

July 12, 2017

We're pleased to announce that Davor Marko has joined CMDS as non-resident fellow. Marko is also non-resident research fellow at the Analitika Center for Social Research and he has very recently attended our summer school on media capture as invited speaker, where he discussed the current state of public service media.

CMDS Wins Google Funding to Develop Data Visualization Tool on Media Ownership

July 6, 2017

With Google’s support, CMDS will be able to develop a visualization tool for tracking and analyzing media ownership in Hungary according to political ties, ideology and interest groups. The free-to-use, publicly available tool is designed for research and policy making purposes, but also for journalists and others interested in learning more about media ownership with the help of a user-friendly program. The tool is hoped to serve as a model for other countries.

Digital News Report 2017: Only a Third of Hungarians Trust the News

June 22, 2017

The sixth Digital News Report from the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism at the University of Oxford reveals high levels of dissatisfaction with the quality of news and comment generally, and on social media in particular.

The News of Eastern Europe: Brought to You by Russia

May 29, 2017

For ten years, the Russian government has built media across eastern Europe. They are becoming a fearsome player in the region’s media market.

So Different, Yet So Similar: Opportunities and Challenges for PSBs Around the World

May 26, 2017

Different contexts, similar challenges, ongoing need. These were the key phrases defining a recent panel discussion on Public Service Broadcasting: Opportunities, and Challenges from Around the Globe. As a continuing involvement in the discussions about the state, and the future, of public media around the world, CMDS took part in a panel of the Broadcast Education Association, in 23 April 2017 in Las Vegas.