Journalism in the Digital Age

General purpose of the course
This is a training program designed to give journalists, activists and everyone involved in the field of publishing in the public interest the tools they need to understand the myriad challenges arising from the digital revolution and from illiberal rollbacks.

What will participants learn?
The course is a unique "hybrid" format that combines both offline and online instruction and a mix of individual and group assignments that will challenge participants and deepen their knowledge of digital, physical and legal threats they face in their jobs.
For the first module – on fundamentals – participants will meet for two days, for a high-intensity weekend of in-person instruction, plus socializing. Modules Two and Three will be held online. At the end of the two online modules, participants will gather online for special live feedback and training sessions with the course instructors for what should be a lively debate on the content of the course and journalism issues in general. The entire course will take about ten weeks.

This course is taught by journalists, legal experts, human rights and freedom of expression scholars and advocates.