Ian M. Cook

Ian M. Cook is currently a Research Fellow within the project 'Academic Podcasting: Digital Scholarship, Communities of Knowledge Production and the Elusive Search for the Public' at the Center for Media, Data and Society.

With a doctorate in Sociology and Social Anthropology (CEU, 2016) and with an interest in time and space, South Asian studies, visual anthropology and urban studies, he has conducted ethnographic fieldwork in Mangaluru (India) and Budapest (Hungary) with research interests including: urbanisation, morality, rhythm, informal economies, modes of learning, housing, land use, development, migration, infrastructure and intercommunity relationships.

Committed to engagement outside academia he is a podcast host, blogger and organiser of various academically informed cross-over projects.

Research: ceu.academia.edu/IanCook
Teaching portfolio: http://portfolio.ceu.hu/view/view.php?id=335
Blog: thecityasariver.net
Podcast: newbooksnetwork.com/category//