Hungarian Media Law Research

We have several projects providing policy-relevant data, news and analyses of media law and political life in Hungary.  


The Hungarian Media Monitor contributes to and informs the current debates among policy makers, advocacy groups, and journalists over how to safeguard media freedom and pluralism at the domestic, regional, and European-wide levels. Through the Monitor, independent experts and scholars will provide ongoing monitoring and analysis of  the implementation of the 2010 legislation and its impacts on media ownership and media pluralism in Hungary. In the future, the Monitor will expand its coverage and analyses to other countries in the region and other European countries.

The Hungarian Media Laws In Europe study analyses the consistency of Hungary's new media laws with European practices and norms. It addresses a key policy debate in Europe regarding the conformity of Hungary's media laws to European and EU media-regulation standards.  Hungarian lawmakers have established a set of comprehensive new media laws that critics say are inconsistent with democratic free-press principles and European practices and norms. Hungarian officials say the legislation conforms to EU standards and its elements are drawn from existing regulations in other European and EU-member states. Which perspective is most accurate?

View the primary study for this report, the "Hungarian Media Laws in Europe"