Haris bin Aziz

Haris bin Aziz is a journalism trainer working with the Women Media Center Pakistan for gender equality in media since 2012. He is also a Senior Producer at Geo News, Pakistan’s biggest news TV channel and has worked with several news organizations since 2004. He was a Knight-Salzburg Fellow in 2009, FES Af-Pak Journalism Fellow in 2012 and Dora Plus Visiting Doctoral Scholar in 2018. He is pursuing his PhD at the Area Study Centre for Europe, University of Karachi, he was also accepted as Visiting Research Student by King’s College London. Haris has taught International Relations to the graduate students at the University of Karachi and conducted research at the Pakistan Institute of International Affairs and Social Policy and Development Center Karachi. His current project of study at the Center for Media, Data and Society is “Freedom of Expression Debates in Europe and the Muslim World after 9/11.”