Gambling, Speculation and Online Media

Academic Program: 

Master of Arts in Public Policy

Master of Arts in Public Policy (Mundus MAPP)

Master of Public Administration (2 years)


Sahana Udupa

Credits: 2.0

Course Description:

On digital media, not only a new politics of participation has emerged but also a variety of leisure and financial cultures. This course explores the phenomenal expansion of online gambling, which is a major aspect of contemporary global digital culture. How do online betting cultures affect lives and livelihoods of digital media users? What social policies help us to address this phenomenon? Students will explore these questions with theoretical readings as well as empirical cases from various national-regional settings. Students will become familiar with key aspects of emerging digital media culture and their impact on society and development.

Learning Outcomes: 

At the end of the course, students will
• develop perspectives on online gambling and its social ramifications in a comparative frame
• assess the social and cultural impact of online media technologies in diverse contexts, with an added emphasis on the global South
• identify and address emergent forms of digital media use, and build social impact projects around new media
• think more broadly about linking micro contexts of media cultures with transformations of economy and technology on a global scale.