Fellowship Program

The CMDS welcomes researchers and practitioners who work in the center`s fields of interest and want to visit the CMDS for an extended period.

We can offer the affiliations of "CMDS Fellow", a working station in a shared office space and participation in all relevant discussions, events and activities taking place at the center.

A CMDS Fellow usually stays at our center for up to six months depending on the nature of their work, fit with active interests at the center, and the availability of space. Fellows coming to CMDS have the experience of working at an international research center in an academic environment that offers inspiration for their projects. We welcome Fellows` ideas for developing research projects and project proposals during their stay at the center.

Our CMDS Fellows have a global profile in their field of expertise, a collegial and collaborative relationship with the center community, and record of excellence and impact in public scholarship and practice.

We have a diverse community of current pre- and post-doctoral fellows, resident fellows, non-resident fellows, and maintain a list of past fellows. Depending on availability of funding, the center launches calls for applications for funded fellowships in specific areas within the field.

We cooperate with potential partners (NGOs, foundations, companies, individuals) that are interested in funding our fellowship program.

We now welcome fellows who are pursuing or want to pursue work in the research areas that the center is prioritizing in its 2020-2022 strategy.