The music industry's long way from Napster to Spotify

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Oktober 6 u. 7
Thursday, January 23, 2014 - 12:45pm
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Thursday, January 23, 2014 - 12:45pm

This Thursday, Patryk Galuszka will open the CMCS’ 2014 Winter Media and Change Discussion Series with a talk about the evolution of the music industry in the last 15 years. Galuszka is Junior Fellow at the CEU’s Institute for Advanced Studies and Assistant Professor at the Institute of Economics, University of Lodz, Poland.

The CMCS Media and Change lunch series aims at creating a space for reflection and informal discussion about media policies, perils, potentials, and practices. We view this as an opportunity for networking with each other and fellow CEU faculty, students, staff and researchers interested in the media, communication and technological transformations taking hold.

The music industry's long way from Napster to Spotify

Presentation by Patryk Galuszka IAS Junior Fellow, Assistant Professor (University of Lodz)

Date: Thursday January 23, 12.45 PM

Location: SPP building (Oktober 6 utca, 7) room 209

The advent of the Internet and digitalization started the process of restructuring in the music industry. Galuszka's research analyzes the changes that have been taking place within the music industry over the last 15 years, including music delivery via the pay–per–download model (iTunes), the subscription model (Spotify) and the advertising model (YouTube). His research analyzes the emergence of so-called “new music industries,” including netlabels, crowdfunding platforms, remix communities, for-profit music distribution websites like Bandcamp or Soundcloud, and the like. Contrary to the “old music industry”, large parts of the new music industries have a generally more progressive approach to copyright law, often releasing records under Creative Commons licenses that encourage works to be shared and remixed. Additionally, their organizational form is often different from that of market enterprise and includes non-profits, co-ops, virtual labels and communities, etc. The presentation concludes with questions about the future of the “old” and “new” music industries.

Short presentation followed by discussion

Patryk Galuszka is Junior Fellow at the CEU's Institute for Advanced Study and Assistant Professor at the Institute of Economics, University of Lodz, Poland. He obtained his PhD from the University of Lodz in 2008. He has published a number of academic and professional papers on the music industries and the development and evolution of crowdfunding platforms.


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