Davor Marko

Davor Marko currently works as Media System Lead for IREX in Serbia. He holds PhD at the Faculty of Political Sciences, University of Belgrade, in the domain of culture and communication. Davor is experienced communication and media development consultant, solution-driven researcher and Monitoring and Evaluation specialist with expertise in public media services, media policies, new business models and consumption trends among media audiences. He was awarded for demonstration of research and analytical potentials, by Open Society Fund, UNESCO, and ZEIT Foundation Hamburg. He is the author of many local and regional research papers, publications and assessments in the region of the Western Balkans and abroad. In his book entitled Zar na Zapadu postoji drugi Bog? (Does another God exist in the West?), he analyzes dominant stereotypes and prejudices on the Islam in the media of the Western Balkans. He is also co-editor of State or Nation? Challenges for Political Transition of Bosnia and Herzegovina (2011).