Data Analysis & Visualization for Journalists

General purpose of the course
This is a series of workshops designed to introduce new approaches to big data and data visualization that are an increasingly important element in media production, media analysis, and media advocacy today. We will first look critically at contemporary uses of big data and data visualization in reporting, and then train in the various methodologies and applications relevant to both print and online journalism.

What will participants learn?

  • to think critically about the uses of big data in journalism
  • basic skills in data collection and curation
  • familiarity with in data visualization software
  • basic skills in mapping, network analysis, text analysis for visualization

Course content

  • Survey of media landscape: print, broadcast, and online uses of big data
  • Sample datasets: how to generate relevant datasets from existing sources
  • Introduction to data analysis and visualization using out-of-the-box tools (Voyant, Tableau, QGIS)
  • Best practices in integrating visualizations with traditional journalistic content
  • Impact of use of big data in reporting: successes and failures

Data visualization and analysis courses are taught by specialists in the digital humanities, drawing from CEU’s strong research centers in the social sciences, as well as experts in media studies and policy with a strong interest in new digital media landscapes.

The course can be offered at CEU’s premises in Budapest, onsite at an organization’s headquarters, or entirely online.